Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Return to Rocky Mountain Arsenal and Cherry Creek Reservoir

April 2, 2019

Richard Stevens:

High temperature today was 55 degrees.  Winds were 5-6 mph with gusts to 14 mph late in the afternoon.

The report of numerous Lesser Black-backed Gulls at Rocky Mountain Arsenal (Adams) the past week caught my interest and I went to check it out today.

Unfortunately, only one adult Lesser Black-backed Gull was around during my visit.  Burrowing Owls and Eastern Phoebes appear not to arrive yet.

My last couple of visits to Cherry Creek Reservoir (Arapahoe) had not turned up the Rusty Blackbirds or the Brown Thrasher.  A report from a friend of both Rusty Blackbirds and the Brown Thrasher seen after our latest blizzard induced a stop around 5:00 pm.

Both Rusty Blackbirds walked on logs along the western side of Augie's Pond (northwest of the swim beach).  Thanks Angie!  The Brown Thrasher did not show up (last report 3/28).

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