Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Birding Arapahoe County During A Snowstorm

April 10, 2019

Richard Stevens:

Temperatures hovered around 38 degrees when I went out before the snowstorm.  Winds were 13-14 mph with gust to 23 mph.

I returned to Aurora Reservoir this morning and had less success than yesterday.  Yesterday's Bonaparte's Gull was not found neither was the reported Red-necked Grebe and Common Loon.

Visibility at nearby Cherry Creek Reservoir (Arapahoe) was worse.  Few gulls and no shorebirds were found.  

The two Rusty Blackbirds walked along the Lakeshore south of Augie's Pond.  A Sage Thrasher was observed at the model airplane field area.

I missed them on five trips, then find them once and then missed them on three trips.  I have not determined where they go on the unseen days.

I scurried home myself when the snow fall increase.

As written on the trip blog a few days ago, someone plowed the prairie dog mounds at Trussville Road and 114th Avenue last week.  No prairie dogs and I would not expect any Burrowing Owls this summer.

Does anyone know who did it or who authorized the task?  I called the airport and got the run around?

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