Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Logan County to Sedgwick County

February 6, 2019

Rebecca Kosten: Transcript of phone call from Richard Stevens:

Eastern Screech-Owls found along Platte River, east of Hwy 55, Tamarack Ranch Wildlife Area using night vision goggles.

Then searched unsuccessfully for Greater Prairie-Chickens mostly Tamarack Ranch Wildlife Area (Logan County) south of I76.

Gulls at Jumbo Reservoir included an Iceland Gull and Lesser Black-backed Gull.  Do not believe it was the North Sterling Reservoir bird from yesterday.

Continued on to Ovid.  Highlight birds were a juvenile Purple Finch at Lee's house.  The American Woodcock is still at JB's, now since 12/18.

A male Red-bellied Woodpecker drummed on telephone pole behind High School.  A White-throated Sparrow was among White-crowned Sparrows at the Sewer Ponds.  No Harris's Sparrows this trip.

Eastern Screech-Owl called during our barbecue at RD's ranch.

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