Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Banner Lakes Wildlife Area and Jackson Reservoir

February 4, 2019

Rebecca Kosten

Transcript of phone call from Richard Stevens:

I stayed about six hours at Banner Lakes Wildlife Area (Weld County).  Target bird was the Snow Bunting reported Saturday (2/2).  Short of it, the bird was not relocated.

I walked the length of both sides of Banner Lakes Wildlife Area, mostly taking photos for an article on the Wildlife Area.

Eventually three Long-eared Owls were found.  They were in windbreaks at Pond 7, Pond 8 & Pond 10.  They are quite difficult to spot.  I looked every tree up and down and probably still missed one or two.

Snow Bunting was reported at Pond 9.  Snow Buntings would be expected more often along the muddy or sandy shore of lakes and ponds.  Pond 8 and Pond 10 have exposed frozen shores.

A Swamp Sparrow was found in the cattails at Pond 10.  It popped out 10 yards west of the Pond 10 sign.

Long-eared Owl at Pond 10 was interesting.  I was counting American Tree Sparrows (14) through binoculars when staring right at me was the Owl deep in a Russian Olive Tree!

Robins were majority bird as north end of Pond 8, Ponds 9 & Pond 10 have Russian Olive Trees with many seeds.

Other birds were a flock of 22 Dark-eyed Juncos along west side of Pond 11.  Two Great Horned Owls, one Pond 13 and one Pond 3.  Barn Owls along western windbreak between Ponds 4 & 3.  Another at extreme western end of Pond 12.

Ended birding day at Jackson Reservoir (Morgan County).  Found two Long-eared Owls and many Robins.  Eastern Screech-Owl and Great Horned Owl also detected.

Going back out with night vision glasses to see whatever!"

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