Thursday, December 20, 2018

Clear Creek County Christmas Count

December 17, 2018

Richard Stevens:

Weather was nice and most of us were staying in Silverthorne.  We decided to conduct the fourteenth Georgetown Christmas Count (Clear Creek County) today.

Terry Michaels and I volunteered for the Guanella Pass section.  It involved another strenuous snowshoe trip.

We would find eleven White-tailed Ptarmigan along the Rosalie Trail after the long climb to Guanella Pass.

Other birds found included two American Three-toed Woodpeckers, six Pine Grosbeaks, two dozen Pine Siskins, White-throated Sparrows and a Prairie Falcon.

We lingered after sunset in 20-degree temperatures to do some owling.  Unfortunately, none was found this night.

We collapsed when returning to our motel rooms back in Silverthorne.

I will let others report full details of the two Christmas Counts.

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