Saturday, March 3, 2018

Cherry Creek Reservoir

March 3, 2018

Richard Stevens:

Another spring like day in Colorado's winter.  Temperatures reached 70 degrees, not quite the record of 76.  Winds were 11-12 mph with gusts to 17 mph.

My plans to search for the Brant at Ketring Park and area were sidetracked by Glenn Walbek's Sagebrush Sparrow sighting around the Lake Loop at Cherry Creek Reservoir (Arapahoe County).

I circled the Lake Loop and on the third attempt, a sparrow was observed in the middle of a Rabbitbrush.  In the four-second look, I saw a light gray body.  Unfortunately, neither the head nor tail was observed.  

The sparrow appeared to light for a Song Sparrow and too big for an American Tree Sparrow.  Still, it was not enough to call it a Sagebrush Sparrow.

The bird was not seen again while several of us tried to relocate it.  By 4:00 pm, three other birders had unsuccessfully searched and gave up.  I hoped that by 5:00 pm (dinnertime?), the bird would appear to eat before dark.

Almost on time, at 4:53 pm, the Sagebrush Sparrow popped out of the Rabbitbrush and landed on the road.  It was great to see the sparrow; unfortunately, it landed about 10 yards from six dog walkers.  

As quickly as it appeared, it disappeared into the bushes farther north.  Later I got glimpses of the sparrow as it moved from bush to bush.  Three additional birders were attempting to relocate the sparrow when I had to leave.

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