Sunday, February 11, 2018

Barr Lake & DIA Owl Loop

February 9, 2018

Richard Stevens:

Temperatures reach 48 degrees today.  However, that was early in the day.  It was 27 degrees at 3:00 pm.  Winds were 11 mph with gusts to 26 mph.  Visibility was less than 1 mile.  It started to snow around 5:00 pm.

Terry Michaels took me out to Barr Lake (Adams).  We could not see much from our car.  As mentioned before, my broken ankle does not allow me to walk any distance.  Terry went by himself and found one Barn Owl at the Pioneer Trail.  He found a Long-eared Owl at the entrance windbreak.

Around 5:00 pm, we drove the DIA Owl Loop.  A Short-eared Owl was on the chain link fence at West Cargo Road and 96th avenue.

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