Saturday, September 30, 2017

Slow Afternoon At Cherry Creek Reservoir

September 30, 2017

Richard Stevens:

Temperatures reached the low 60s today; winds were 11-12 mph with gusts to 16 mph.  It felt cold most of the afternoon.

I passed through Cherry Creek Reservoir (Arapahoe County) and found few passerines around.  I do not believe it was a result of my "new" binoculars.  Tinted for low light, 30 X 60, only $1 at the Dollar Store (left my binoculars at home); there just was not many landbirds around.

Hundreds of Gulls were on Pelican Point.  Majority were Ring-billed with a few California Gulls and a couple of hybrids.  Two Common Terns were among them.  No shorebirds were found anywhere.

A walk from the East Shades Picnic area to the Dam and back found only a few Black-billed Magpies.  A few additional gulls were at the bird platform, Prairie Loop.  A Western Wood-pewee was at the southeast corner of the Lake Loop.

No birds on the poles surrounding the southwest marina, it just was a slow afternoon.

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