Friday, March 10, 2017

Westerly Creek & Cherry Creek Reservoir

March 9, 2017

Richard Stevens:

The day was another superb Colorado winter day.  Temperatures reach 68 degrees.  Winds were 2-4 mph.  The sunset was quite spectacular this evening!

I stopped at Westerly Creek Open Space (Denver).  My brief 30 minute search did not turn up the sparrow.  A nice consolation was a new Denver County bird for me, a Brown Thrasher.

After a visit to the dentist, I drove through Cherry Creek Reservoir (Arapahoe).  An adult Lesser Black-backed Gull was on the telephone poles outlining the southwest marina.

I managed to relocate the Long-eared Owl south of the closed gate up the gun range road.  A male and female Ring-necked Pheasant walked across the road.

No Short-eared Owls were observed flying over the cattail fields at Lake View Road, west of Cherry Creek.

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