Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Birding East of Denver

March 15, 2017

Richard Stevens:

Rebecca Kosten and I enjoyed the 70+ degree morning with a drive through Rocky Mountain Arsenal (Adams).  The adult Lesser Black-backed Gull was back at Lake Ladora.  Six hundred Ring-billed Gulls were joined by half a dozen California and two Herring Gulls.

Few birds were on Lower Derby Lake.  No other uncommon birds were encountered.  The Bison were close to the auto tour road today. 

We stopped at Westerly Creek Park (Denver) on our way to Denver.  The Harris's Sparrow cooperated and was relocated in less than 5 minutes near Beeler and 23rd Streets.  We did not relocate the Brown Thrasher; however, we did not give it much of a search.

Later in the afternoon, I walked from mile 9.0 to 7.3 at Barr Lake (Adams).  One Barn Owl flew up and watched me from a tall cottonwood.  One Long-eared Owl was at its usual windbreak. 

No uncommon birds were found.  A Lincoln's Sparrow was in the willows near the banding station.  Fourteen Black-capped Chickadees noisily fluttered about at mile 8.9.

No Ospreys have returned yet.  One sub-adult Bald Eagle was perched out at the banding station point.  Few birds were on the water.

I then drove the DIA Owl Loop.  One Burrowing Owl is back at the prairie dog village at West Cargo Road & Third Creek (formerly and for the last time labeled: 3.4 miles east of Tower Road & 96th avenue.

Note: due to construction, 96th avenue is closed at Tower Road; other routes are required to reach Cargo & Third Creek.

Finally, I parked at 88th avenue and Picadilly (south of Burrowing Owl location) and waited until dusk.  One Short-eared Owl was observed flying over the field northeast of the intersection!

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