Friday, August 19, 2016

Rocky Mountain Arsenal and Metro State University

August 17, 2016

Rebecca Kosten and I hiked around the Rocky Mountain Arsenal (Adams) this morning.  Winds were 6+ mph, skies partly cloudy, temperatures rose into the 80s.

We found a Townsend's Warbler near the Rod and Gun Club Bird Blind.  Not much else was around.  Sparrows almost non-existent. 

No Eastern Phoebes were found around the Potomac/6th avenue canal, or anywhere else.

A drive through the Bison enclosure found three Sage Thrashers.  Two of which were near the southwestern cattle guard.

In the afternoon, I took my mountain bike and spent a couple of hours at Metro State College where the Greater Roadrunner has been observed the last two days.  I could not find it; however, I enjoyed the exercise.

I kept an eye on the surrounding trees.  Except for Baca and Las Animas Counties, the only Greater Roadrunners found by me were in cottonwood trees.

The trees along the Arkansas River, west of Rocky Ford Wildlife Area (Otero) are good for one every year.  My Yuma County Greater Roadrunner at Bonny Reservoir (Yuma, 5/22/1998) was 20 feet up in a cottonwood.

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