Saturday, August 20, 2016

Finally Attempt To Find the Greater Roadrunner, Denver County

August 19, 2016

Richard Stevens:

I returned to downtown Denver for a last chance to find the Greater Roadrunner that has been reported for the last three days around Metro State University.  Temperatures were 10 degrees cooler than the last two days.

My search centered around the empty field southwest of the Pepsi Center (Sports arena).  The field is located at the southwest corner of Walnut and 5th streets.

While I did not find the Greater Roadrunner, a Sage Thrasher and Clay-colored Sparrow were in the field.  Brush is sometimes above the waist.  I could have walked right by the bird and missed it.

On the drive home, I stopped at Rocky Mountain Arsenal (Adams County).  One of the juvenile Red-headed Woodpeckers was in the same grove of trees as yesterday.  The grove is next to a small pullover along 6th avenue, at 0.3 miles south of the now fenced in pullover at Lower Derby Lake.

A drive through the Bison enclosure found two Sage Thrashers and a Loggerhead Shrike.  Misses: still have not been able to relocate the two pairs of Blue Grosbeaks reported for several days.

Nothing uncommon was found during a hike along the First Creek Trail (Buckley Road to 56th Avenue, Denver County)

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