Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Great Birding Day in southwest Denver

March 27, 2016

A fantastic spring day in Colorado.  Temperatures reached the middle 40s; winds were 12 mph.

After a couple of hours search the Sagebrush Sparrow found this morning by Joey Kellner was relocated in the rocks at the end of the peninsula at the Handicapped Fisher person Dock.

While searching for the sparrow, we found a Sage Thrasher between the peninsula and the south marina.  Mountain Bluebirds, two male Western Bluebirds, and many Dark-eyed Juncos were south of the marina.

Earlier I stopped at South Platte Park Reservoir (Arapahoe/Jefferson Counties).  The three Long-tailed Ducks were captures in one camera frame.  They wee in Arapahoe County and did not wander to Jefferson County during my visit.

On the trip home, I only had a few minutes to search for the Sagebrush Sparrow reported by Bez Bezuidenhout at Belmar Historic Park.  I could not find it.

The Burrowing Owls were still at Trussville & 114th avenue when I passed by the intersection.

Photos of the Sagebrush Sparrow & Sage Thrasher are on the CoBus photo library:

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