Sunday, November 8, 2015

Cherry Creek Reservoir

November 8, 2015

My two posts to the "cobirders" listerve today.  What a beautiful fall day.  No/little wind and temperatures in the high 50s!

"Hello cobirders;

Rebecca Kosten and I drove to Cherry Creek reservoir to look at the scoters found by Chris Rukik.

The scoters were in the center of the lake, of course; a scope is required.

One is an adult female Black Scoter; the other is a first year male Black Scoter.

Also there were 14+ Bonaparte's Gulls and three Common Loons and one Pacific Loon.

Contined Good Birding

Hello cobirders;

After leaving Cherry Creek Reservoir, Rebecca and I stopped at Barr Lake (Adams County).  Three Long-billed Doeitchers and two Greater White-fronted Geese were off the Niedrach Boardwalk overlook.  A Common Loon and Bonaparte's Gull were seen from the boat ramp.  We did not find a Lesser Black-backed Gull.

Three Red-tailed Hawks and two Ferruginous Hawks

Just after sunset, we saw a Short-eared Owl flying west of Gun Club Road at 1.6 mles south of 112th aveneue.

Continued Good Birding! "

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