Saturday, August 9, 2014

Northeastern Colorado

August 9, 2014

Richard Stevens:

After yesterday's tremendous thunderstorms, Bryan Ehlmann, Roger Danka and I went out looking for birds that might have been stopped in their migration south.  We found many wet birds, few uncommon birds.

Most of our birding was on private ranches today.  Winds were calm in the morning; temperatures were in the high 70s.  By early afternoon, high winds and thunderstorms rolled in once again.

Because our highlights were on private lands, I will not list them all here.  Check the Colorado Birding Society's website for additions to the August uncommon bird listings.

Highlights today included: Dickcissels, Long-eared Owls, Short-eared Owl, Burrowing Owls, one Upland Sandpiper, Eastern Phoebes and a Harris's Sparrow.

We did hear an Eastern Screech-Owl call as we sat at the barbecue at Roger Danka's ranch.

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