Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Drive Around Eastern Arapahoe County

August 11, 2014

Richard Stevens:

Rebecca Kosten and I decided to enjoy the afternoon cool down with a drive to Bennett and area (Arapahoe County).  We searched unsuccessfully for the Cassin's Kingbirds and Long-billed Curlew along Kiowa-Bennett Road.

We had found Cassin's Kingbirds in Arapahoe in the past.  A Northern Mockingbird along Arapahoe County Road 6 (at 4.4 miles east of Kiowa-Bennett Road) was a new county bird for us!  A Burrowing Owl was on a fence along CR 18 (2.0 miles east of K-B road).

On the trip back west, we stopped at the Interstate 70 Bennett Rest Stop only to find that is has been closed.  No parking signs were all along the road; we found no legal place to stop in order to bird the rest stop.

It was a beautiful evening.  The super Moon (something like 15 percent brighter than most full moons, closest approach the Moon makes to the Earth) lit up the sky.

We parked along the DIA Owl Loop (Adams) and watched the Perseids meteor shower.  Many birds flew over (southern migration over the eastern side of Barr Lake).  The sounds were identified included many Chipping Sparrows and an Upland Sandpiper.  A dozen others had to be recorded as unknown.

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