Friday, July 27, 2012

Elbert County Trip

July 22, 2012

Sue Ehlmann:

Bryan and I drove out to Kiowa and Elizabeth Saturday.

A Golden crowned Kinglet seemed out of place at the Elizabeth Cemetery.

We arrived at the alfalfa fields across from the electric building an hour before sunset. Unfortunately we lost direct sunlight 30 minutes before sunset. We heard at least 3 Dickcissels and after watching for 20 minutes finally saw one. One trick is to arrive after the temperature drops and gets cooler, but also when there is direct sunlight. As soon as the sun dropped below the clouds, we no longer heard or saw any Dickcissels. 

The cattails and wetlands marsh along Kiowa Creek, east side of the fields has dried up. The farmer planted crops this year. Bobolink nested in previous years in those now gone wetlands.

These fields are along Elbert Road and 5.1 miles south of highway 86.

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