Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Search for Northern Pygmy-Owls, Reynolds Park

May 1, 2012

Richard Stevens:

I was contacted around midnight by Aaron Payner.  What the heck, I took him up to Reynolds Park (Jefferson County).

Aaron Payner and I searched for Northern Pygmy-Owls at Reynolds Park about an hour before sunrise. Unfortunately, none called this morning.

We did hear a Common Poorwill while standing at the larger parking area.

A Williamson's Sapsucker was found along the Raven's Roost Trail south of the old service road. We could not find any Dusky Grouse. A female American Three-toed Woodpecker was north of the intersection of the three trails (Raven's Roost, Eagle's View & Oxen Draw).

Other birds found included; three species of nuthatches, Pine Siskins, 4 Red Crossbills, a Virginia's Warbler (along creek), a Hermit Thrush, and several Townsend's Solitaires.

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