Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Trip Around Adams Cty, Detour to Douglas Cty

March 2, 2012

Richard Stevens:

Rebecca Kosten and I went out in the fog and snow early this morning and drove Harvest Road. The darker Snowy Owl was on the fence north of 14141 Harvest Road. That is where we left it.

We continued south to Parker in search of the Barrow's Goldeneyes reported earlier. None was at the Equestrian Pond. The pair reported by Jerry Petrosky at the 20 Mile Pond was still there!

Our route home took us by the Platte River Birding Area (at 88th avenue & Colorado Blvd). So of course we stopped and hiked down to highway 224 (west side south and returned along the east side).

No Barrow's Goldeneyes were on the river today. Quite a few species of ducks however. Just about all the common ducks can be seen and photographed. The ducks get use to people along the bike path and allow close approach. Ducks included Northern Pintail Ducks (for those looking for them, Peter?).

On the return trip, we found a male Barrow's Goldeneye on Tani Reservoir. About 20 percent of the lake cannot be seen from the west side (due to high banks). The female could also have been out there.

Adams County Fairgrounds was also passed. While using the "facilities" at the Elena Ventura Open Space (south end of fairgrounds), I photographed a male Great-tailed Grackle. He called constantly to the female on the other side of the small pond there.

When we passed the town of Barr, we drove to the south end. Sixty plus Great-tailed Grackles continue in the yard just north of Barr Lake. The landowner said he would be happy if we took the grackles with us. Their noisy calls are tremendous (especially to live under the trees).

The Barn Owl continues at Barr Lake State Park. I mention, but hope no one will disturb it.

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