Thursday, March 8, 2012

Grouse in Moffat County

March 5, 2012

Richard Stevens:

Early this morning we drove Moffat County Road 3 (toward the Greater Sage-Grouse Timberlake Leks). Our usual plan is to drive west to the cattle guard (in the dark) and then return east to the lek just before sunrise.

As has occurred on many of my previous visits, we found Greater Sage-Grouse before reaching the cattle guard. Several birds were seen crossing the road. Later half a dozen more were observed walking between the sagebrush.

Finally, we scoped the lek (which is quite far north of CR 3). Half a dozen Greater Sage-Grouse walked around. Several displayed briefly.

After a late breakfast in Craig, we drove west to Oxbow Wildlife Area. Several hours were spent hiking the area in search of Sage Sparrows. None was found. Perhaps they have not reached this far north yet (they were reported 102 miles south last week). A small flock of 6-7 Pinyon Jays were a consolation prize.

We returned to Craig and walked around Loudy Simpson Park (Moffat). Nothing uncommon was found. A drive around Craig did not find any Waxwings around the usual crabapple trees.

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