Saturday, February 4, 2012

Waiting Out the Snowstorm

February 3, 2012

Richard Stevens:

It started snowing around 5:00 pm yesterday and has continued into Feb 4th. Snow accumulation reached over 12 inches (up to 17 inches) in some areas.

Rebecca and I (well mostly myself) could not resist going for a drive. I chose the DIA Owl Loop.

Finding a white owl in a snowstorm is not easy and we did not find one. Our hope was that the Snowy Owls would choose a high perch and thus be visible through the falling snow. If they chose such, we were not able to find them.

A few dark looking (wet?) Red-tailed Hawks perched on telephone poles. A female Northern Harrier at sunset (what we guessed as sunset) made us take a second look and see that it was not a Short-eared Owl.

Let us hope the birds found a shelter for the day. We wondered how the Greater Roadrunner at Dinosaur Ridge was surviving with the ground covered? Hope it is all right!

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