Monday, February 20, 2012

Successful Snowy Owl Search!

February 18, 2012

Richard Stevens:

Bryan Ehlmann and I enjoyed a week of snowmobile birding/owling. It is a different culture.

We returned this afternoon and picked up Rebecca and Sue then drove around searching for Snowy Owls.

The immature Snowy Owl was found. Since the last huge snowstorm about 10 days ago, at least one of us has been out looking. Therefore, our group was zero for 10 days. Last sighting I had heard about was by Suzie Plooster last Tuesday.

At 5:00 pm, the owl was seen east of the Barr Lake entrance. From the south side of the entrance, look east to the circle irrigation system. You will see a tall telephone pole beyond the east end of the system. This pole is taller than others in the distance. Scope southeast to the next tall electric pole. Behind this pole, there is another "gas riser", far in the distance from the riser where the owl was seen several weeks ago. This "riser" has a tall orange/red pole at its south end.

We first picked the owl up on the fence around the "riser". It eventually flew to the ground about 20 yards in front (to west) of the riser. We could see it turn its head in our direction several times.

No Short-eared Owls were found tonight when we drove the DIA Owl Loop.

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