Sunday, July 10, 2011

Finally Northern Owling Trip of Summer

Rebecca Kosten: I do not have a Google account and am using Richard Stevens'.

July 9, 2011

As a last owling trip to northern Colorado for the summer, four of us spent the night on Pennock Pass. We located nine Flammulated Owls, 3 nests for sure.

At daybreak, we relocated the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher at Weld County Road 100. Then Jerry and I returned to Denver while Richard took Roger back to Julesburg.

On their way to the northeast, Richard and Roger drove the Mountain Plover Loop, Weld County. They found two Mountain Plovers along the dirt road leading north from CR 94 and CR 63. McCown's Longspurs and Brewer's Sparrows were easy to find along CR 96. Burrowing Owls were are CR 90 and CR 51.

They searched for cuckoos at Pioneer and Overland Parks in Sterling. One Yellow-billed Cuckoo was found at Overland.

Dickcissels were found just outside of North Sterling State Park. Two were at CR 46 and CR 37.

They stopped at Tamarack Ranch Wildlife Area, Logan County and relocated: Eastern Towhee (section 1 West), Yellow-billed Cuckoo (1-2 West), Bell's Vireo (1 West), and Red-bellied Woodpeckers (1 West and 1 & 2 East). They returned later to hear an Eastern Screech-Owl at 6-7 East.

At dusk, they searched for Short-eared Owls at Sedgwick Draw. None was found. After dark, they found Eastern Screech-Owls at 1. the woodlot across from Sedgwick Draw; 2. the north side of Jumbo Reservoir; 3. Roger's ranch where there has been a nesting pair for years.

They also heard a Long-eared Owl on the west side of CR 95, the northwest corner of Jumbo Reservoir.

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