Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bird Breeding Surveys

Rebecca Kosten: I do not have a Google account and am using Richard Stevens'.

June 27 to July 8, 2011

After two weeks, the owl count in North Park is finally finished. The tremendous amount of snow this spring still has a couple of passes and roads closed. Richard Stevens has waypoints on 15 Boreal Owls. Two active nests found for sure. The effort involved snow shoeing for miles. On two occasions, Richard and Jerry had to stay out all night, too tired to return in 4.5 miles of snow. It snows briefly in most afternoons. However, this is not adding to the snow pack.

Bryan and Sue Ehlmann have spent the last month in southwest Colorado. They are conducting bird-breeding surveys and found a couple of new county breeding records. Some of their sightings have included Cassin’s Sparrows in four counties, Yellow-billed Cuckoos in two counties and a Mexican Whip-Poor-will, heard only. They plan to write up their account in a future “Colorado Field Notes”.

Jacob Washburn and Ray Simmons started yesterday on their attempt to hike the whole 469 miles of the Colorado Trail. They found Ovenbirds yesterday at the start, Roxborough State Park.

Normally, the start would be easier; however, Waterton Canyon is closed until the end of the year. They had to go by way of Carpenter Peak trail in Roxborough State Park. Plans are to re-supply them at several junctions along their route. As far as we know, no birders have accomplished the feat. Best of luck!

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