Monday, February 21, 2011

Search for an Eurasian Wigeon Morgan County

February 18, 2011

Bryan Ehlmann;

Richard Stevens, Jacob Washburn, Ray Simmons and I searched many Morgan County lakes and ponds for the reported Eurasian Wigeon. There was no sign of one.

Before sunrise, an Eastern Screech-Owl answered our recording played at the western Campgrounds. We watched the northwestern marsh fields for Short-eared Owls; none appeared. A walk through the Campgrounds found 8 Long-eared Owls.

Very little open water was found that an Eurasian Wigeon could be swimming. Even Riverside Park was checked, nothing there but common city park ducks and White-cheeked Geese.

A White-throated Sparrow was in the brush on the south side of the most eastern Fort Morgan Ponds. The area is the eastern end of Riverside Park. Most of the sparrows found were White-crowned Sparrows and a few Song Sparrows.

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