Thursday, June 24, 2010

More Chaffee County Birding

June 22, 2010

Richard Stevens:

Got a late start today, we took a quick look at the Western Screech-Owl (still only one) and Lewis's Woodpeckers and headed south.

A flock of 27 Pinyon Jays was around the Ruby Mountain parking area (off Chaffee CR 301 and CR 300).

Most of the day was spent counting birds on the BLM land northeast of Salida.

No uncommon birds were found around Mt Princeton. Quite a few hummingbirds were found at Alpine (including one male Rufous Hummingbird!)

A search around the old "Eastern Meadowlark" meadow off Chaffee County Road 210 was uneventful. The area has changed much in the past couple of years.

After dark, we searched for owls at Poncha Pass and Monarch Pass; without success.

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