Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Successful Owl Search

Early April 27, 2010

Richard Stevens:

After dark on 4/26, Bryan Ehlmann and I drove up to Pennock Pass (Larimer) to search for Flammulated Owls. As expected, access is limited by a muddy and snow drifted road. We had to walk in several miles to get to my favorite Flammulated Owl spots.

The task paid off as Flammulated Owls responded to my recordings at two different locations. I can find only 7 earlier records of Flammulated Owls (and only two on Pennock Pass). In our drought years, it was possible to drive up to the Summit, not possible in the past two years.

Later, Bryan and I found 4+ Boreal Owls on Cameron Pass (Jackson). We were able to put a scope on two of them. Caution: many Wilson's Snipes are calling in the area now. Beware of the slight differences in their sounds.

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