Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hike Along East Side of Rocky Mountain Arsenal

April 27, 2010

Jerry Petrosky as posted on "cobirders"

"Richard Stevens and I walked outside of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Tuesday afternoon. That's along Buckley Road between 88th and 56th avenues.

Seven Burrowing Owls were spread across four locations, three inside the arsenal, Adams County and one east of Buckley, Denver County.

Sparrows seen included in order of highest number; Lark (14), Vesper (8), Brewer's (4), Song (2) and Clay colored (1).

A Northern Mockingbird was about a mile north of 56th avenue; where paved road turns from light to dark colored. The mockingbird was first in Denver County but flew into Adams County. First of the year for me!

Raptors included 2 Ferruginous, 5 Red tailed, 2 Swainson's and 3 American Kestrels. No Prairie."

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