Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Return to Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Adams County

September 30, 2009

Richard Stevens:

Five of us met at 6:00am at Rocky Mountain Arsenal. Hours change tomorrow (7:30 am to 4:00 pm) so visiting the arsenal before sunrise (and civil twilight) will not be possible until daylight saving time ends. After sunset visits will have to wait until late winter.

I played the Long-eared Owl recording and within 5 minutes a Long-eared Owl came out of one of the New Mexico Locust Groves (first discovered last Saturday). Unfortunately, the Barn Owl was not as cooperative.

Gary Weston and I later hiked the south side of the Lake Ladora trail, the Rod & Gun Club trail, and the Havana Ponds trail. Winds were steady at 10-12+ mph with gusts to 22+ mph.

Few birds were found. A couple of Canada Geese were on the R&GC ponds. Many Ring-billed Gulls and about a dozen Franklin’s Gulls were at Havana Ponds. No shorebirds today.

Picking out any passerines in the rapid moving leaves of the cottonwoods and locust trees was close to impossible. Winds made hearing any birds also out of the question.

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