Sunday, March 16, 2008

Search for Burrowing Owls

Rebecca Kosten and I watched a hundred or so Double crested Cormorants on their nests at Duck Lake, Denver City Park. Then we went to the zoo to see if the White throated Sparrow reported several months ago around the bird house could be found; it was not.

I hiked the east side of Rocky Mountain Arsenal (Buckley Road). Rebecca dropped me off at the 88th avenue end and drove around to 56th avenue to wait for me. No Burrowing Owls were found today. I did find a flock of 30 American Tree Sparrows (getting late to find this species). Also saw a couple of White crowned & Song Sparrows (near the creek crossing about 0.5 miles north of 56th avenue). A Ferruginous Hawk, Prairie Falcon, 3 Red tailed Hawks, and 2 American Kestrels were also found.

No Burrowing Owls were found along the DIA Owl Loop.

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