Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jefferson & Arapahoe Counties

March 15, 2008

Kansas birder Brandon Magette and I birded half a day in Jefferson County. We found temperatures were around 10 degrees in Mt Falcon Park (after leaving the fog back down in Denver). Fortunately, winds were mild to calm.

At first light we were in the parking area for Mt Falcon Park. At least three Wild Turkeys were in the area. We missed Dusky Grouse but observed a few birds. A Northern Goshawk flew over the old castle. Other birds seen included 2 Red Crossbills; Townsends Solitaire; Red-breasted, White-breasted & Pygmy Nuthatches; quite a few Mountain Bluebirds.

At Pine Valley Ranch; there was an American Three toed Woodpecker along the Buck Gulch Trail and within 100 yards of the Pine Lake Trail. Another Three toed Woodpecker was 3/4 mile south of Pine Lake. Other birds included Pygmy Nuthatches, House Finches, and a Song Sparrow.

In the afternoon, Bryan Ehlmann and I drove out to Aurora Reservoir. We biked the 8.7 miles around the lake. The previously reported Lesser Black-backed Gull was not found. It could have been the wrong time of day as few gulls were observed. As we departed, many gulls (only Ring-billed Gull seen by us) were flying back for the nearby landfill to the northwest.

We ended our birding day at Cherry Creek Reservoir (Arapahoe County). Few birds were found; no uncommon gulls could be located. Not many waterfowl were out on the lake. A flock of 5 or 6 American Tree Sparrows wandered along the north side (near the northern boat ramp).

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