Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Unsuccessful Search for a Snowy Owl

January 22, 2019

Richard Stevens:

I was not going out birding after last night's snowstorm.  A report of a Snowy Owl near DIA changed my mind.

High temperature today was only 27 degrees.  Winds were 8-9 mph with gusts to 22 mph.  Wind chill put the temperature at 16 degrees at 3:00 pm.

The Snowy Owl was never found.  A sighting was reported east of Trussville and south of 114th avenue.  My three hour search of scoping the fields east of Trussville came up empty.

I detoured over to the First Creek Trail (Denver).  The four Rusty Blackbirds were found along the eastern fork of First Creek just north of the 56th Avenue Bridge.  Same birds in photos on the Colorado Birding Society's photo library:

The highlight was a female Barn Owl somewhat hidden and staying out of the winds.

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