Saturday, July 28, 2018

Eastern Adams & Arapahoe Counties

July 24, 2018

Richard Stevens:

I was glad to be home.  The predicted weather front arrived in full force in the late afternoon.  I had not seen such winds and rainfall in such a short time.  The mountains had been hit earlier in the day.

Before the storm, temperatures reached 90 degrees.  Winds were 5-6 mph with gusts to 9 mph.

I decided to drive around eastern Adams & Arapahoe Counties this morning.  

No Mountain Plover were encountered on the trek.  Three Burrowing Owls continue along 160th avenue at 0.5 miles west of Yellow Jacket Road (Adams).

Burrowing Owls would eventually also relocated along Arapahoe CR 30 (0.2 miles east of CR 149), along Arapahoe CR 129 (0.7 miles south of Orchard Road), and Gun Club Road (0.4 miles south of Colfax and the Toll Road).

A walk around Richmil Ranch Open Space (Arapahoe) relocated two Cassin's Kingbirds and three Northern Mockingbirds.   I could not relocate the Red-headed Woodpecker and Eastern Screech-Owl found last month.

A photograph of what I thought was a female Black-headed Grosbeak upon further inspection later turned out to be a female Rose-breasted Grosbeak.

The storm approaching over the mountain forced a retreat home.

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