Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Back to Arapahoe County

August 11, 2015

Richard Stevens:

Terry Michaels, Jerry Petrosky and I completed our point counts on Arapahoe County State Trust Lands today.  None too soon, thunderstorms and possible tornados moved in about an hour after we finished.  Hiking today was 5.7 miles (yesterday as Jerry pointed out was 7.8).

Birding was not as interesting as yesterday, except for one possibility.  We found eight Grasshopper Sparrows, two Savannah Sparrows, and one possible Baird's Sparrow.  I sent photos to a sparrow expert and we wait to see the verdict.

Two additional Burrowing Owls were added to the sixteen found yesterday.  These two officially added to Aurora Reservoir's bird list.

Our plan to revisit the Eastern Arapahoe playas along CR 149 & CR 30 were rained out.  Perhaps the playas gained much water today and will attract additional shorebirds tomorrow?

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