Sunday, April 26, 2015

Reluctant Trip to Belmar Historic Park Turns Out Well

April 25, 2015

Richard Stevens:

I was not going out today to catch up on household chores.  When Loch Kilpatrick reported a Northern Parula at Belmar Historic Park (Jefferson County), I of course had to attempt to see it.

Regrettably, the Northern Parula was not relocated.  I looked at two dozen Yellow-rumped Warblers south of the small pond where the Parula was reported.

Then a dozen additional birds flew into the area.  First one, then two, three and four vireos flew into the cottonwoods along the larger lake.  At least two Cassin's Vireos and a Plumbeous Vireo eventually flew into the pines to the south. 

The fourth vireo would be left unidentified.  It was quite possible that it was a Blue-headed Vireo.  Unfortunately, I made the mistake reaching for my camera instead of obtaining better looks at the bird.  The other three birds were photographed (will put in May's "Colorado Field Notes" or perhaps the Colorado Birding Society's Photo Library).

Other birds that appeared included a pair of Blue-gray Gnatcatchers, one Bushtit (strange that there was only one), an Orange-crowned Warbler, and a Hermit Thrush.

At 5:30 pm, winds went from mild to 8 mph as a front blew into the park.  Most of the birds hid in the pines and willows along the south side of the small pond.  Additional looks were close to impossible.

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