Friday, May 16, 2014

Wheat Ridge Greenbelt to Cherry Creek Reservoir

May 9, 2014

Richard Stevens:

In light snow, Rebecca Kosten and I decided to see if the Northern Parula had made it through last night's heavy snowstorm.

It did!  After a 45 minute search, we found the Northern Parula in the tall two cottonwoods north of the southeast end of the ball fields.  Several times it flew to the chokecherry bushes to the west.

When we left, the Northern Parula had flown closer to us.  First it landed in the chokecherry bushh at the southeast corner of the private property and ball field.  Then it "followed" two Yellow-rumped Warblers and flew high overhead in the cottonwood tree over the path.

We stopped at Rocky Mountain Lake (Denver) on our way back home.  The Long-tailed Duck continued in the western corner of the lake.

email sent to "cobirders" listserve by Rebecca Kosten:


Richard Stevens and I went through Cherry Creek State Park after our Jefferson County trip.

The male Black chinned Hummingbird is back behind the ranger's office.

The trees north of the Smoky Hill Group Picnic Area had 31 Yellow rumped Warblers, 2 Warbling Vireos, 2 Chipping Sparrows, and 1 Red eyed Vireo.

Four Bonaparte's Gulls flew around the east end.

Good birding.
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