Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Trip to Reynolds Park and Highline Canal

March 30, 2014

Richard Stevens:

One day to rest before leaving for another week.  The weather today was fantastic.  Temperatures reached the high 60s; winds were mild.  I did not do much resting however.  Below are posts to "cobirders" listserve:

Hello cobirders,

Jefferson County
Richard Stevens and all found at Reynolds Park:

American Three-toed Woodpecker: female, northeast of the Oxen Draw, Raven's Roost, Eagle's View trails
Williamson's Sapsucker: Raven's Roost trail, just south of the old service road
Northern Pygmy-Owl: Songbird trail, between the two parking lots
Misses: no Dusky Grouse found on the three trail loop

Good birding!

Hello cobirders;

Rebecca and I went to Quincy Avenue and the Highline Canal when the Northern Cardinal was reported.

Rebecca thought she saw a female Cardinal in the thick bushes with dark yellow leaves east of the canal, just south of Quincy Avenue. The sex of the Cardinal was not known to us so we thought this could be the bird. I got a glimpse of the right color for a female but neither of us were able to get good looks.

A few minutes later a beautiful male Cardinal jumped up on the dark red machine behind the feeder on the east side of the canal. He stayed in view for about four minutes and then flew south to the tree by the green footbridge.

We parked at the parking lot at the end of Dahlia Street (south of Quincy).

Keep a lookout for Eastern Screech Owls they are nesting in the older cottonwoods between the Dahlia parking lot and Quincy. Although we did not see any this afternoon, we have seen them in 2014.

Contined Good Birding!

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