Friday, December 20, 2013

An Enjoyable Afternoon at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal

December 18, 2013

Richard Stevens:

We stayed home most of the day doing chores (well I did chores).  Rebecca Kosten and I decided to drive through the Rocky Mountain Arsenal (Adams County) after lunch and relished the 60 degree temperatures and the sunny skies.

On the way over, we stopped at Lakecrest.  No uncommon geese were among the six thousand+ White-cheeked Geese on the ice covered lake.  I did count 23 Ring-billed Gulls.

Both Lake Ladora and Lower Derby Lake were completely ice covered (no birds).  We kept an eye on the feeders north of the Contact Station for 30 minutes.  A total of four Dark-eyed Juncos (no sparrows) made an appearance.  The feeders were full but did not attract any uncommon birds today.  Note: Dave usually fills the feeders on Tuesdays; it usually takes the birds a couple of days to empty (best time to search of birds is early in the week).

Except for a couple of Northern Flickers and one Red-tailed Hawk that was our bird count.  The highlight I suppose was that the Bison were close to the road today (took some nice closeups).

After sunset, I walked the path through the Governor's Row area; no Long-eared Owls were found this night.  We did enjoy one of Colorado's better sunsets (the result of the polluted skies over Denver).

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