Sunday, May 19, 2013

Barr Lake and Wheat Ridge Greenbelt

May 17, 2013

While I enjoyed the many "grouse trips" this spring, some alone birding time was greatly appreciated today!

I circled the 8.7 mile trail around Barr Lake State Park (Adams County).  For a change, my trek started at the boat ramp area and continued clockwise around the lake.

The first highlight was a calling Gray-cheeked Thrush along the Pioneer Trail.  I was searching for the nesting Great Horned Owls when it sang for about 20 seconds.  While I might not have identified the thrush from its song, it was quite cooperative.  It stood on a fallen log for a good two minutes and allowed great looks.  I thought that they only sang when on territory?  Guess he forgot to read the field guides.

Many House Wrens, a few Western Kingbirds, an Eastern Kingbird and a Western Wood-pewee were scattered along the next four miles.

At mile 3.0, I found the male Townsend's Warbler reported yesterday by Jacob Washburn.  However, the Black-and-white Warbler and possible Blackburnian Warbler were not found.

Two Yellow-headed Blackbirds were around the cattails at mile 4.5.

Little else was found.  The canal below the dam (mile 6.0 to 7.2) was quiet.  Not even a Virginia Rail could be found.

Receiving a text message about a Northern Cardinal at Wheat Ridge Greenbelt (Jefferson), I headed that way.

After about two hours, the Northern Cardinal was heard singing west of where the Tree Bridge Trail goes uphill to the subdivision to the south.

Heading back to my car, I ran into Terry Michaels and decided to try and relocated the Cardinal (usually a nightmare, trying to relocate any bird all ready found).  Fortunately, today, it worked out fine.  The Northern Cardinal was still singing when we returned to the hillside.

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