Sunday, October 28, 2012

Slow Day Of Birding Around Denver

October 27, 2012

Richard Stevens:

Early this morning, Bryan Ehlmann and I drove over to the Platte River Birding Area (88th and Colorado Blvd, Adams County).  We walked down the west side of the Platte River to Highway 224.  No Barrow's Goldeneyes, Long-tailed Ducks or scoters on the West Gravel Lakes or the Platte River.

Our return hike was on the east side of the Platte River.  No uncommon birds were found on Tani Reservoir or East Gravel Lake.  We made a quick trip up to Cooley Lake with similar results.

On the way home, we stopped briefly at Barr Lake (Adams).  The Harris's Sparrow was again below the old farm equipment behind the Visitor's Center.

In the afternoon, Rebecca Kosten and I went over to Red Rocks Park (Jefferson).  Temperatures hovered around 42 degrees until sunset.  We tried to arrive after 4:00 pm when the Trading Post closes (less people traffic).

Unfortunately, three professional photographers were using this backdrop for their client's photos.  It was quite frustrating waiting for a non-congested period when the juncos and sparrows would emerge from the thickets.

Several times several dozen Dark-eyed Juncos and three White-crowned Sparrows appeared.  Unfortunately no uncommon sparrows did.

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