Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Trip to Elbert County

September 7, 2012

Richard Stevens: An email sent to "cobirders" listserve by Sue Ehlmann:

"September 7, 2012

Late this aftermoon, Jerry Petrosky drove Amy Davenport, Jennifer Barnes and me to Elbert County Road. We walked the road along the alfalfa fields at 4.1 miles south of highway 86. We only found one Dickcissel for sure with a possible second bird. We expected many Dickcissels and do not know if they were not there or just not flying up? The sure Dickcissel was four telephone poles north of the electric buildings and very far east of Elbert Road.

On a sad note, on the way there we passed 6th avenue and E470. We picked up a dead Burrowing Owl. It was not in too bad a shape, looked more like it hit something and was not run over.

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