Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wheat Ridge Greenbelt, Jefferson County

September 25, 2011

Richard Stevens:

Rebecca and I decided to visit Wheat Ridge Greenbelt (Jefferson County). Once one of the top 5 birding locations in Colorado, few birds or birders have visited the Prospect Park area since our long 7-8 year drought.

Birds were few again this morning. No uncommon birds were found. Our count from Kipling Avenue to Youngfield Street was:
21 Yellow-rumped Warblers
1 Orange-crowned Warbler
1 Wilson's Warbler
2 Common Nighthawks (late?)
2 Spotted Towhees
1 House Wren
2 Song Sparrows
And the usual ducks and Ring-billed Gulls.

We could not find any of the resident Eastern Screech-Owls. Several of their past "holes" were covered with cobwebs. One had a raccoon in it.

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