Sunday, May 17, 2009

Owling Trip

May 6, 2009

Richard Stevens:

Larry Kent and I decided to try and find Boreal Owls on Cameron Pass (Larimer/Jackson Counties). If success there was quick, we planned to give Pennock Pass a try.

Two Boreal Owls were found quickly at Cameron Pass and we headed back east to Pennock Pass around 11:00pm. I had expected conditions to be anything from several feet of snow to deep mud to dry roads.

The road was closed (gated) from the west side. Fortunately it appeared that there was only a thin layer of snow in patches. We set out on the 6 mile hike without our snowshoes and fortunately they were not needed.

When in the right habitat, we eventually heard 3 Flammulated Owls; they are back.

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