Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jackson Reservoir, Morgan County

Richard Stevens:

September 8, 2008

Rebecca Kosten and I heard that the Brown Pelican and Long-tailed Jaeger were no longer being reported in Boulder County. So we decided to drive east and checkout Jackson Reservoir, Morgan County.

On the way, we stopped at Crow Valley Campgrounds. Birding was slow but we did find a Brown Thrasher and a Cassin's Vireo. Several previous Mountain Plover locations were checked; without success. I then walked the road south from CR 96 (at 2.0 miles west of CR 77). Here I finally located a Mountain Plover. It was a juvenile bird.

Once at Jackson Reservoir, we hit the bonanza. A juvenile Long-tailed Jaeger was along the northeast shoreline. Mosquito numbers were tremendous………. We quickly scoped the corner and found a Semipalmated Plover among the mix. Further exploration was discouraged by the hordes of insects.

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