Sunday, August 24, 2008

Owling in Larimer & Jackson Counties

August 22, 2008

Weston: Last night Richard Stevens and I were met by a car of four birders at Pennock Pass. Flammulated Owls were very cooperative. Four were heard, of which 2 were seen by all. We then went to Cameron Pass where we missed Boreal Owls. Fortunately, Richard was able to find one along Ruby Jewel Road in the Colorado State Forest.

The other birders left, but we camped in the forest. We woke up to a calling Boreal Owl! A stop at Chambers Lake found a male Three-toed Woodpecker along the east side, among the campgrounds. We stopped at several of the campgrounds and picnic areas along highway 14 but found no additional owls. A small flock of Lark Buntings surprised us at the last campgrounds before returning to Fort Collins. Sorry I forget the name and will look it up later.

We also stopped at Cottonwood Hollow Nature Area but couldn't find the Least Bittern or Neotropic Cormorants.

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