Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Rocky Mountain Arsenal

April 2, 2007

Spent most of the day doing chores, however did get out in the beautiful weather. We rode 8 miles along the Rocky Mountain Arsenal (56th avenue to 88th and back). Owl count was 5 along there. We added another 5 along the DIA Owl Loop.

Just went for a bike ride (2:00am). Heard some birds flying overhead; sounded like sparrows. Full moon lights up the ground; no flashlight needed.

I checked a private ranch near Barr Lake and found a Barn Owl. Another place had two calling Great Horned Owls. No wind; beautiful night outside!

April 1, 2007

Rebecca Kosten and I searched for about 3 hours for the “black and white crow” reported a couple of days ago near 32nd avenue and Federal Blvd; without success. We covered the area well and then checked Washington Park, Ruby Hill, Pasquinel’s Landing, and a few small parks in the area.

As I figure, the escaped Pied Crow is most often found in a triangle with 7 mile sides. That is much territory to cover. I was hoping that the Pied Crow had nested with an American Crow and produced offspring. Later Sunday, I was sent pictures of the said crow. They were photos of the Pied Crow and not offspring.

Later, we drove the DIA Owl Loop; total Burrowing Owls were 7 at two locations.

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