Thursday, January 25, 2007

Arapahoe County Reservoirs

January 24, 2007

Did not get much birding in today. Temperatures were around 34 degrees; winds were mild.

We drove through Cherry Creek Reservoir (Arapahoe County) while doing chores. Most of the loops are still snow covered and not passable even in 4 wheel drive vehicles.

Not many birds were moving about. Two adult Bald Eagles stood on the snow covered ice (in the middle of the lake). We did not count more than 8 gulls (all Ring-billed) along our drive. Most of the ducks in the small open water area around the southwest marina were Common Mergansers. Two American Coots and a few Mallards were joined by 2 Great Blue Herons.

Few birds were seen at the campgrounds. Mostly European Starlings and House Sparrows were all that were observed.

We could not find the Northern Shrike. The shrike when found is usually west of the riparian area where Cherry Creek runs under the main road and as far west as the Cottonwood Wetlands Pond. Checking the road to the firing range is also useful for success. However, we did not have any today.

We drove by Quincy Reservoir (which is closed for the winter). Saturday’s trip was cancelled as the water is covered with snow and ice and the hiking paths are covered with several feet of snow.

Aurora Reservoir (also Arapahoe) was in a similar condition. Few birds (even gulls) are around.

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